The Day of Visibility for the Live Event Community

le Jour de visibilité pour la communauté événementielle

Help our industry be seen.

Aug 19, 2021

A little under a year ago, the entire Live Event Community came together to demonstrate to Canadians that we were strong, and in need of support. Over 700 venues and thousands of people across the event industry lit up buildings, and monuments in red to show just how many of us were out of work.

On Wednesday 22 September, 2021, an hour after sundown, Live Event Community is asking technicians, artists, suppliers, and venues across the country to #Lightuplive buildings related to live events in red – raising awareness for an industry that is still dark.

mercredi, le 22 septembre 2020, une heure après le coucher du soleil, “Live Event Community” demandé aux techniciens, artistes, fournisseurs et lieux de spectacles, à travers le Canada, de #EclaironsLesScenes, afin de sensibiliser la population au fait que notre industrie est toujours plongée dans le noir.

Through the advocacy of many members, we have come a long way towards a restart, and it is time to celebrate those milestones. It’s election time, and it is more important than ever to show that we are not back to normal.

The people, companies and venues who are the heart of this billion dollar business are still vulnerable across Canada. Many have left the industry altogether, and those left still need financial support until we can get back to full capacity events. Partial audiences and enhanced health and safety requirements make it difficult or impossible to financially sustain many productions.

Political parties are listening, and candidates need your votes. Make sure that YOU are seen and heard.

On 22 September, we are calling on you to light up your venues in red in support of the vibrant live event community from coast to coast. Mark the date in your calendars, and help Canada #lightuplive #eclaironslesscenes next month. #wemakeevents

– Rob, Morgan, Harrison

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